From: Sara Johnson <>       (note: Sara is Shannon’s sister)
Date: September 21, 2018 at 7:01:01 AM MDT

*** Paul and I received a phone call from Tidwell Hospice around 4 a.m. this morning saying my sister, Shannon, has died….  
… Paul and I, and Shannon, thank you for all of your prayers for us and all of the help and love you have shown through this long and difficult walk…

… Thank you and all of her friends from Wiesbaden for your love and kind words for my sister.  You were all a wonderful and fun life experience for her in Germany and carried in her fondest of memories throughout all of the years after.  
 Our best to all of you and yours,    Sara & Paul Johnson

I know we all have great and fond memories of Shannon and wish we had another chance to share those memories with her… and each other. Lets make use of the time we have…   JimM

I just returned from a short trip to Las Vegas for a World Airways reunion. While there I met up with John (Ferguson) Acker one day and later had a nice lunch visit with Jim & Suzan Armstrong. Although they won’t be joining us in November, they wish everyone well and hope to make the next reunion.          All The Best, Jim Maloney


Subj: DC Reunion Notice #2
Date: Sep.10, 2018
To: WHS’64 DC Reunion attendees

◼ Dinner on Saturday, November 3rd will be at :
Kafe Leopold
3315 Cadys Alley NW
Washington, DC
◼ For our Reunion Dinner we will have four selections to choose from.
1. Baked Eggplant
2. Rainbow Trout
3. Bratwurst with Celery Sauerkraut
4. Veal Schnitzel with Potato Salad
◼ Please send an email with your selection to Don …

Danke schön

Date: Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 3:37 PM
From: Steve Buchina <
Subject: WHS ’64
        Hi Jim,         By happenstance, made a visit to your site ( a couple days back – it’s been a while.  Thanks for adding notice on the passing of Dan Dundas.  I was an acquaintance of Dan’s during the school year ’64, but wouldn’t say we were close buddies.  We just seemed to visit many of the same places at the same time.  Then there was that trip to Rome (Roma ’64).  Not sure how, but several of us formed our own little adventure group on the trip down – perhaps we were all in the same compartment.  It was Bob Eckert, Ron MacKnight, Buddy Hesse, myself and Dan Dundas.  Except for an audience with Pope Paul VI (to have my grandmother’s Rosary beads blessed), we stayed lost for most of that trip.  Wine, women and song while on far-off adventures to the sea and back (via Vespa) were a daily routine for us.  Six days just wasn’t enough.
          Remember the layover in Milan?  As on our travels to the coast, we again indulged ourselves at a nearby Piazza. With days of practice behind us, we had gotten pretty good with the British tunes coming out of Liverpool – good enough for an invite to a party that night. Unfortunately, we had a train to catch.  Aw, such bamboline – the stories that might have been told.    

ATTACHMENTS:  Just some things to add to your gallery – if you have a mind to. 
BRs,  Steve Buchina  Class of ’64

From: James Armstrong <>
Date: Mon, Jul 18, 2016
     Jim, thanks for the info about Bill Rivers. I didn’t know him well but recognized his photo. When I went to the website I was surprised to see that Rick Kepner passed so long ago and in my backyard….Nellis. Rick and I were pretty good friends. I think he was a year or two behind us. Sad.
     I just finished my third Tecentriq treatment. This stuff was FDA approved in May. It is the so called ” Jimmy Carter” therapy that worked wonders for him. My tumors are shrinking and side affects are very tolerable as of now. I am optimistic. 
     I did my Panama fishing trip in June and caught 2 big Black Marlin ( 500 and 350 lbs. ) as well as 18 sailfish and several other species. Bottom line is ” I ain’t dead yet.”
Feel free to pass this along. I will send some fish pictures under separate cover as I know Andrews will accuse me of lying. Jim.   

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