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Our Generous Sponsors

Larry Sander is our sponsor for 2020 & 2021 - THANKS LARRY !! and a very special “VIELEN DANK” to ALL our past sponsors: 2006-Jim Maloney ; 2007-John Gornall ; 2008-Jim & Diana Lundie ; 2009-Jim Thompson ; 2010-Catherine Brousseau ; 2011-John Hunt ; 2012-Don Rakestraw ; 2013/14-Mike Rudd ; 2015/16-Jim & Suzan Armstrong ; 2017-Sharon Reep-Lantzer ; 2018/19-Judy Honegger ; 2020/21-Larry Sander.

On October 19th, Mike Rudd got together with John Gornall to pass on the 1964 Wiesbaden HS Basketball trophy (photo)-(and have a beer) . John will sometime later pass it on to another member of that team.

Jean Kegler dug up this photo from 1962…
really, it’s  Spain, Maloney, and Dramer …


John had business in Las Vegas and met Jim & Suzie for dinner on Tuesday, Aug 24th, 2021

Lunch in Mt. Pleasant, SC on Aug 12, 2021
Jim Lundie, Claudia, Mike & Sara Barrett…

On Friday, July 16th Don, Larry & Nancy, Catherine, and Gayle & Vince had dinner at Connie’s home in Falls Church, VA. Looking good folks !

John was travelling through Omaha today so we met at the Reunion Hotel, had a reunion committee meeting, and then a nice lunch at a great restaurant near the Reunion Hotel.
(Of course it’s 5 O’Clock somewhere) !!)

May 2nd, 2021…. Lisa and I had a wonderful dinner with Judy and Sam in Scottsdale (a day after Judy’s 39th birthday)!….  John A.

On April 16th thru 18th Gayle and Vince Mercurio drove their RV and visited with Matt and Pam Scheel in Blue Ridge, GA. where Matt and Pam are building their new cabin. Mike Rudd joined them for a visit as well.